Hoodlamb (Hemp Tailor) went into administration in 2020. Here at the hemp shop we were devastated to hear the news, as were many long-time fans of the brand.

If you have come here looking for Hoodlamb jackets and accessories then don't worry, all is not lost.

This year, we're excited to be able to bring you the classic Hemp Jackets from the original creators of Hoodlamb! They're back under a new brand name: Freshemp™

At time of writing, we do also still have a few Hoodlamb products in stock.

Head over to our main website, where you can purchase the reincarnated Classic Hemp Jackets from Freshemp™.

Hoodlamb Logo

The much loved sustainable hemp clothing brand Hoodlamb by Hemp Tailor went into administration in 2020, and the company no longer exists. This means that the items you see at thehempshop.co.uk are some of the very last brand new and unused Hoodlamb clothing items available anywhere in the world, HOWEVER, we recently heard some very exciting news that we think all fans of Hoodlamb Jackets will be excited to hear. The original jackets are back under a new brand name "Freshemp" and you can buy them on our website now!

HoodLamb was founded with a purpose to bring the limitless power of hemp to consumers through a collection of high quality, eco-conscious outerwear and knitwear.  Since 1993 the Amsterdam-based label has pioneered cruelty-free, hemp based fashion design that combines comfortable fit and cold-weather functionality.  And that’s just the beginning.

Fashionable, functional, and forward-thinking, HoodLamb is leading the cruelty-free movement in outerwear and setting a new standard for sustainable style in winter. The HoodLamb collection is Peta Approved Vegan and the brand returns a percentage of annual sales to environmental NGOs in support of the nature and wildlife preservation.

The Hoodlamb/Hemp Works Origin Story

Hemp Fever was real in the 90's, the epitomous hemp leaf was the most used symbol of the year, while leading musicians were all talking about hemp in their songs. It was during this golden age that Hemp Works was born.

When co-founders Adam Dunn (from New York) and Douglas Mignola (from San Francisco) met in Amsterdam, they had similar mindsets and together started the first-ever hemp store in Europe: Hemp Works. Neither of them was from the fashion industry, but they had a great concept in mind: making a really good-looking hemp product that would also be eco-friendly. They had to learn fast and little by little they turned their products into real urban Amsterdam icons.

Hoodlamb Out of Business
Hoodlamb Jackets

The Hemp Works quickly gained worldwide recognition as “The epicenter of the Hemp Universe,” - Robert C. Clarke. The Hemp Works jackets became the rockstar of their shop, and they started selling like hotcakes. You could even see well-known artists like Woody Harrelson, Redman, B-Real and Astro from UB40 wearing these jackets, and even Snoop Dogg dancing in his Hemp Works jacket in the snow on MTV.